Monday, May 19, 2014


Bet I can guess where YOUR eyes are drawn to :p
My gorgeous wife Ally and I stumbled upon this truly unique and very cool sim in our never-ending quest to find awesome new places to explore and take pictures. KSAatlantis is truly one of the more unique ones I have found in recent memory.

ok dude, enough staring at my sexy girl from the other side of the sim already
I like most, generally use a windlight setting that optimizes skin and prims, however, in the case of this particular location I do strongly recommend using the regional setting as it gives this primarily water based sim the right....feel. 

Haven't got enough sense to come out of the rain??? Are you serious? Look at what I have in my arms!
The theme as you can see from the pics shown is a world of torrential rainfall with scattered main locations. While I would normally like to see more poses in place for taking pics, for the most part the ones that are there do a great job of conveying the overall feel of the place.

Just a little shower baby, I'm sure it will pass over quickly :p
These locations and poses in place range from the sweet and cuddly to the just plain, downright sexy...well, to be fair, that could mostly be my good fortune of being able to have my stunning lady Allyson by my side. were right, again! We weren't gonna make it across...
Aside from the previously mentioned locations with poses in place, there are also some dramatic and unique as well as...

(whispers..."shhhh...I think it might just be my ex-wife")
Just plain bizarre if not borderline creepy...but hey, who doesn't get a little nuts in the face of incessant rain, right?

A picture is truly worth a thousand words...none of which can be said around the kids (sorry Jinx & Ella) :p

The final Verdict: If your in the mood for something more than a bit different and very unique as well as surprisingly photogenic given the dark and obscure theme...I do strongly recommend paying KSAatlantis a visit. You'll be glad you did and fellas...insist your ladies wear white ;)

Additional pics:

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