Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Done Wiv a Twist Estate

Done Wiv A Twist Estate

After a long hiatus from blogging some of my favorite places that I have found in my travels around the Second Life grid, I am extremely excited to bring to you all the Done Wiv A Twist Estate. An amazing 1/8 Sim created by the collective talents of Saxx Cortez, Skyla Tunwarm, Avery Lyn, Alana Huckleberry, Aiyana Lanley, Sasy Verne & Hispanicdove Resident that will have any SL photog drooling. 

This picture was taken straight from the entry for the term Yummy :)
Speaking of drooling, thank you so much to my gorgeous wife Ally for not only encouraging me to get back to blogging but also accompanying me to add some much needed eye candy to this post ♥

Baby, I closed the door...just like the toilet seat, it just opens up by itself...I swear it!
Upon exiting the building that serves as the landing point for this gorgeous Sim the first problem with this Sim hits your right between the eyes...where to go first?! Unlike so many Sims that cater mainly to couples, the Done Wiv A Twist Estate has poses for both couples as well as singles, I think your taking this game of musical chairs just a bit too seriously...
Ranging from the fun and downright Silly...

Now THIS is a room with a view...DAMN!
To the sexy and romantic...

Olive oil, eat your heart out! (my apologies to those not old enough to get the Popeye
Not to mention the introspective. Anyone can put a bunch of poses on a Sim, but it takes special talents like this bunch of ladies to provide the backdrops to make them look amazing. Combining them along with the playing with Windlight settings and you can easily lose track of time here. As well as quickly fill up a folder full of gorgeous pictures

What??? I'm sure she will thank me for that little push....
Not only can you get lost in the poses that are all ready for you, but there are plenty of other possibilities for you to get creative. This is one of my favorite pics ever thanks to Ally using one of her own amazing Something New poses as she takes the leap from the falls...LOVE IT!

Take the damn picture, I can't suck in this gut forever....(gasps!)
Indeed, you can look far and wide to try to find a great place to shoot pics at or buy an expensive photo studio, but let me save you both the Lindens and the trouble...grab the landmark at the top and check out Done Wiv A Twist Estate and happy snapping people :) 

Additional pics: