Thursday, October 4, 2012

GAFL (Global American Football League) Haunted House

GAFL (Global American Football League) Haunted House
Rating: ✫✫✫✫-1/2

Yes...Where Haunted Houses are concerned...apparently size Does matter
In keeping with the upcoming season we decided to check out the GAFL Haunted House, based in the same location as the official GAFL stadium. Upon rezzing at the landing point the first thing I thought was...."WOW! This place looks huge!"....and I wasn't disappointed. According to the note card provided, this is the largest Haunted House in SL, and I see no reason to dispute this fact.

As you go through the front gates you are confronted with an eerie courtyard filled with fog, glowing pumpkins, ghosts and other creepy crawlers of every type imaginable.  The GAFL crew has clearly not spared any detail with this attraction.  
A grand and creepy start to the fun
There are a couple of entrances you can use to actually enter the Haunted Castle. Once inside, it is just a matter of exploring as you see fit. As such...we wont provide a detailed room-by-room accounting of the Castle, rather what will follow is a series of pictures with just a few of the fun things Gabs and I found. 

Wait,,,,Did I remember to pay the insurance premium this month?
What? Do I have something in my teeth baby?
Ok....soooo not what I imagined when you said I was going to be the main course...
I KNEW I should have picked up those parachute pants on marketplace
Girls got skillz!
Ok....Might just be taking the Bobbing for Apples competition a bit too far sweetie
mmmmmm....YUMMY! (I mean the caramel apple....really) 
Baby? You ok?
Hmmm...maybe that Caramel Apple wasn't such a great idea....
Ok Guys...the correct answer when your wife/girlfriend asks you if she looks fat in those jeans is.....
FINE!!! You can sleep on that side...geez!!
I'm bored! Nothing exciting EVER happens here....
ummmm....Did you hear something???
Trick or Treat!!!!

Final Word: The GAFL Haunted House is definitely something to be experienced. With no shortage of rooms and surprises around each corner and through each doorway, one could easily burn hours away in here. Surprisingly for a place as big and full of items as this is, lag was for the most part very minimal.  The only thing that we can be even remotely critical of is there are some places where the camera view can become a bit frustrating. Except for that one small little thing, Gabs and I definitely recommend a trip to the GAFL Haunted House before it disappears on November 1st.

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