Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Town 2012

Anybody that has been in SL for some time has probably come across one of Laura Liberty's holiday themed attractions.  They have long been a favorite of both Gabs and I and the Halloween Town 2012 attraction once again delivered BIG TIME!  Upon landing, the first thing that you notice is all of the fantastic, bold colors that have been used on this Sim.  This is the way I would imagine Halloween Town in my most vivid thoughts from my childhood.
Hmmm...do you suppose this is a fire hazard?
The avenue that you land on is littered with great shops with tons of amazing Halloween themed items that you can pick up for your home or Sim.  Make sure to have your sounds on as well, the voice begging you to "FEED ME!" is hilarious.
Okokok....much closer to cute than it is scary ;)
The haunted house is fantastic, but you will have just as much fun playing with all the fun stuff in all the shops....Let's see, should I play on a hippity-hop pumpkin?

The underground world of high-stakes pumpkin racing is not known to many...
or...do the monster mash line dance...

Baby...Does this outfit make my butt look big?
or...cuddle with someone special (personal favorite)...

My pulse was STILL racing....
As you can see, there is no shortage of great photo-ops just in the street and shops themselves.  Then it gets even better once you enter the skull front door to the haunted house.  One of my favorite things about the haunted house, besides of course the animations, was how easy it was to navigate.  Simply follow the arrows and enjoy.  My hats off to Laura for not making this harder then it needs to be.
"Here's Johnny!!!"
I absolutely love the tie-ins to some of the all-time terror movie greats.  The Shining, Blair Witch Project, The Exorcist and Jaws are just a few of the fantastic films represented.  I totally loved how Laura utilized the "walk through the screen" effect for some of the different themed areas in the haunted house.
OK, lesson learned...avoid the new Oriental takeout place from now on..
The exit takes you back out behind the main avenue where you can join in the dance craze that has taken the globe by storm..."Opem Gangnum Style!!" 
"Heyyyyyyyyy, Sexy Lady......."
Not only are their poseballs for yourself and friends, but some hilarious characters as well to serve as a backdrop for photos.  Speaking of photos...Miss Liberty has a board set up for pictures that people take as they make their way thru the haunted house. To get them posted simply send a full-perm copy to Laura directly, no messing around with notecards.
OMG! The new Truth hair has been delayed indefinitely.....AHHHHHH!

Final Word: Laura Liberty has always been one of Gabriella's favorite designers in second life . As I was putting this together she told me a great story about an encounter she had with Laura very early in her time in SL..."I remember the first time I spoke to her, she had an ice skating rink and an ice castle that she just finished setting up and I remember asking her about her awesome snowflakes and she let me buy them.  She was so nice."  Both Gabs and I always look forward to each new season's themed attraction from her and Halloween Town 2012 did not disappoint.  We strongly recommend a visit and be prepared to have a blast!

Additional pics below:

ummmm......no comments please
All these pumpkins and not a slice of pie to be seen...hmph!
Grrrrrr...I know my keys have GOT to be around here somewhere...
Not gonna look...not gonna look...not gonna......AHHHHHH!
Awwwww....SCARY cute ;)

soooo.....how long have you had this irrational fear of spiders?

Nooooooo....why now....WHY??? The injustice of it all....Now who will help me match my clothes...

Puts "leave pile" on the shopping list
God she makes this look soooooo much hotter than I do

ummmm....Who's brat is that?

Babe? Ever get the feeling that the neighbor is spying on us?

Fine! I will take the damn fish off the hook next time...

I KNEW there was a reason I didn't like sushi!

breaks into song....."I only have eyes....for you"

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