Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wilbers Whimsical Wonders
Rating (out of 5 stars): ✭✭✭

Our latest review brought us to the incredibly random Sim known as Wilbers Whimsical Wonders.  Whimsical is certainly a very appropriate name for it.  Looking up the word "random" in the SL dictionary would lead you to a page with this place pictured prominently on it.  Upon landing in the Sim you find yourself in the middle of a carnival-like boardwalk full of games.  Fortunately, we were spared the unwashed toothless Carni's one usually find lurking about in this sort of setting in RL.  The games themselves were fairly entertaining, and the prizes...while being carni cheap and goofy, were entertaining.
Gabs mad skillz on full display
All the usual games were represented....dart throw, ball toss...and what carnival would be complete without the hammer game?  After a few rounds of games, both of us were sporting some pretty sweet swag for out efforts.
showing off out goodies...oh, stop it! NOT like THAT...
Following the boardwalk brought us to a fun little area where it was time to relive our childhood. The Duck and car rides were a great place for a photo.  As an added surprise....the car actually gives you your very own car that you can zoom around in.  Just beyond these is the giant bunny bounce house.  
Gabs getting some mad..."hare", sorry baby, just had to do it ;)
OK, so thus far we have seen the carnival theme....but moving out from there, well....things kinda got...weird.  There was a giant clear piano, complete with path made up of keys to climb up to it. While this was pretty cool, it would have been even better if there were some poses or at least a solid surface other than the opened lid.
Chopsticks? (oh I'm hungry, take out anyone?)

And the randomness continues...following the path of keys from the piano brings you to a treehouse.  Wait...a treehouse? Thought we were at a carnival...oh well....  The treehouse did have some pretty cool things, such as a staircase that descends when you click the arrow rather than a teleporter or a standard spiral staircase, and a swing/zip line that carries you to another treehouse.  The one thing that Gabs and I were definitely not fans of though were the automatic vendors located throughout it.  Just kind of ruined the ambiance of the location for us both.
Gabs swinging.....hey, wait a minute....
After leaving the treehouse, we walked along the shore of a cute little pond and can I describe it? The love child of a mechanical bull and an x-wing fighter.  I'm hoping a few more sessions with the therapist will help me get past the fact that Gabs one ride on it was longer than all six of mine combined.
Go ahead....I dare you to try to claim your not a Star Wars fan after seeing this...
As long as my masculinity had already been trampled, I guess there was no time like the present to ride some flying!  All kidding aside, this was definitely one of Gabs and my two most favorite parts of the whole Sim. The bunnies WERE almost ridiculously cute, and the course made up of Sonic the Hedgehog-like rings was just challenging enough to bring out both of our competitive the way....I won (grins)
No bunnies were harmed during the writing of this review....
On the far side of the Sim, we found our other favorite item on the Sim.  A circus tent filled with fun things to do.  Although she never came right out and said it...I think Gabs took particular satisfaction blasting me halfway across the Sim in the cannon. Perhaps it had something to do with me showing off my crazy juggling
Final Word: While there is a good amount of potential and no shortage of things to keep you busy, the fact that there was really no central theme to tie things together kind of detracted a bit from the Sim overall.  There were a few things that were very well done, but at times we both got the feel that the designer of this location just started throwing things on it to get it done.  So, if your feeling really, REALLY may be worth a look.  If nothing else, we can guarantee a few chuckles

Additional photos

Look hands!!
ummmm...not sure but....I think R2D2 and I are now engaged....
hmmmm....there's a joke here, just not sure I should go there... :p
awwww....a punkin patch...randomly placed, who'd a thunk? lol favorite part of every review =)
Threatened? Why would I be threatened? Just cause Gabs won a trophy at this and I didn't....
The emergency exits are located here, here....and here
Nailed the landing...and STILL only a 9.3 from the Russian judge....WTH?
Ok...this new super economy coach seating is just getting ridiculous
Getting native up in here...
Having a lil pow wow....your TP or mine baby?
"I see dead people...."

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