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It is with great pride and honor that Gabs and I are happy to present to you all....HUMANOID!  Without question, the very best looking Sim that we have both come across in our combined 8 years as members in this amazing community known as Secondlife, and the VERY FIRST FIVE STAR rated Sim in the short history of Here, There -n- Everywhere.  Not only is this a great looking place, but with its shear number of places to see you will enjoy yourself whether alone or with that special someone...So, sit back and enjoy our guided tour of this amazing place.

This saying at the landing gives little hint to the wonders that await visitors

Upon landing in Humanoid...the first thing that will strike you is how rich and inviting the colors are.  The effect of the grasses and water against the sky are simply phenomenal.  After zooming out to see the thought provoking and inspiring message... 

Serenity awaits a step through the doorway...
You find yourself surrounded by a series of eight doors...seemingly placed at random.  Don't worry, you will very soon find out that their placement here is anything but.  Now, in doing this review...I debated back and forth with myself (yes, my kids DID think I had lost my mind) whether or not to do a step-by step review or not.  In the end...I decided to just give you all a small taste of what Humanoid has to offer so you can all discover the joys, wonders and secrets that are scattered throughout this breath-taking location yourself.

Bareback riding at it's finest :)
One of the first doors Gabs and I went through brought us to this almost surreal circus-like location. Complete with a giant rolled up rug, placed in a meadow filled with flowers.  A tight rope with great animations and of course an amazing carousel complete the picture.  The colors and textures used are astounding.  I am sure many a photo has been snapped here with many more to come.  Back through the doorway portal and on to the next...

Alice and her wonderland ain't got nothing on this place
where we find ourselves in yet another dream scape of colors and textures, random inspirational saying, floating musical instruments and to the lovely Gabs delight...a swing :)

Any doubts why I have dozens of photos from this visit?
Back through the portal to the eight doors and on to the next and this time we find ourselves in a stunning world with gorgeous white dandelions glowing against a black background.  To say this place is photogenic is the grand daddy of all understatements.

May want to grab the anti-hystemine before visiting :p
After clicking away like mad on the snapshot button...back to the doorways and on to the next...this time an amazingly romantic setting with a boat floating lazily on the water.  Loaded with great couples animations, you special someone will LOVE this spot.  The animations were for the most part very well done, and even had a few we hadn't seen.   Always a welcome surprise for SL vets

Are words even needed?
And on and on it went...It took Gabs and I two nights to take them all in, and if that were all the Sim consisted of it would be awesome...(puts on my infomercial voice) But wait! There's more!!  LOL...sorry, just had to do it.  Anyways, as if all of the amazing destinations through the 8 doorways weren't enough, the Sim proper itself is scattered with stunning locations, such as...



Getting the "picture" yet? lol....

Final Thoughts:  Wendy Xeno, the brilliant talent behind Humanoid needs to be applauded for her amazing work.  We can only hope that this masterpiece will not be her last.  Gabs and I have seen a LOT of Sims in our time here in SL, but nothing has ever taken our breaths away like this place has.  Amazing colors, fantastic textures, the sheer brilliance of the artistic randomness of the place is astounding and definitely someplace that EVERY resident of SL should find their way to at least once.  You wont be sorry, just....make sure you leave yourself time to explore :)

Additional Pics:

Best carousel EVER

I can see forever in those eyes....

Beauty is a never ending symphony

I can still hear the music

Poetry in motion


Sorry baby, I just had to take this one ;)

so innocent....

ok....never mind that last

My, what a pretty little birdy you are

Redefining the term "swinging" one photo at a time


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