Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Rating: ✭✭✭✭

Classic case of why you should NOT judge a book by its cover

Here, There -n- Everywhere makes its triumphant return with a visit to a surprising and very picturesque Sim called Almost Wonderland.  Upon hitting the landing at the Sim the first thing that hit me was the gorgeous use of colors and textures to create an ethereal glow somewhat reminiscent of the night scenes in the movie Avatar

OOOOO,,,,look at the pretty lights....

Once Kari and I were done oooh'ing and ahhh'ing at all the pretty colors we soon spotted the sign telling us to follow the white rabbit. I know...I was shocked too! Imagine, a white rabbit in a "wonderland", but I digress.  

What? I soooo did NOT push you!!!

Being the intrepid explorers that we are, we didn't even think twice before hurling our pixel bodies down the hollow at the base of the tree in pursuit if the white bunny.  Once our faculties returned following our rough landing, we took in our surroundings...a funky checkered design on the walls with a hallway with a series of doors and....

They are NEVER gonna get that stain out....

A very ominous message...."Madness is not a state of mind, it's a place...lets go there together"...that appeared to be scrawled in blood upon the floor.  Kari and I looked at each other, my mind filled with one thought...Daddy....but, that's a whole other story.. :p  Now...Kari and I get along very well if for no other reason that we are both closet peeping Tom's.  So, the first thing we naturally did is throw the doors open to see what secrets they held behind them...

hmmmm....are words even needed? ;)

And...were totally Behind the doors were rather bland and boring 2D images enacting scenes from the classic Alice tale.  Hell, they weren't even in full color....and then....we found the last door.  A teleport in disguise.  Kari, being rather brave and wanting to show off her new boots volunteered to go first...

I knew it! I knew it! Size DOES matter

Finally! Let the fun begin...  It was at this point that my initial impression of this being a rather boring Sim started to be disproved.  After gulping down the magic potion the world heaved and grew (or did we shrink?)  As the awe of the effect started to wear off, we spotted yet another door...

The time? hmmm...I've got....quarter after hottie....I mean....twelve

Bringing us to a very cool, floating chess board surrounded by other smaller chunks of the board and a huge floating clock that just needed to be melting to be very Salvador Dali.  Lots of great photo ops here folks...and once your done snapping away....yet another teleport on a door sitting at a funky 45 degree angle. Next stop....

ERP!...omg....where are the air-sick bags!!! Quick!!!

and once your done snapping away....yet another teleport on a door sitting at a funky 45 degree angle. Loved the eerie way it felt and appeared from the angled piece of floor.  Once more unto the breach!  Next stop....

Beauty captured...layer upon layer...and the Sim looked good too

The heart of the Sim...and WOW!  Clearly the creator of this dark version of wonderland spent a lot of time getting this just right.  The colors and textures were practically exploding off my screen.    This was like the original landing point...but on steroids.

Breaks out into song and dance...."I always feel like, somebodies watching meeeeeee"

Pathways lead you through a meandering journey of breath-taking color as well as some excellent effects.  I particularly loved the plants with the eyeballs that followed you as you walked.  Kari being the stunning woman that she is and used to being stared at, didn't even notice them until I pointed them out :)


Speaking of stunning...found some spectacular places for photos.  a blossom alongside a waterfall that was almost as beautiful as the woman resting within it...

Rubs his soar head...."I was just following direction hun...." :p

A bottle, floating in the air on its side also with a number of great poses.  The best part of this one is the fact that two people can be on it at the same time.  While there were no snuggles here, there are some other spots hidden amongst this fabulous fantasy background...

"I'm a little teapot short and stout....."

As well as some fun things, like the gorgeously rendered Teacup ride so similar to the teacups ride of Disney fame.  The only thing I wished was that the seating would allow for cuddles for couples too as well as the seating across for the non-couple explorers. 

Wonderlandmart....all your Alice goods under one roof

While most may think that the haunted house style of building may clash with the whole wonderland, it just seemed to fit.  Inside are a number of the building blocks used to create this gorgeous Sim.  So if you have ever thought about creating your own wonderland, it is a great place to visit and get ideas and the stuff needed to bring your own wonderland to life.

Conclusion:  While it may start a bit slow, this Sims hidden gems greatly reward those willing to dig a little deeper.  Kari and I were both impressed with the attention to detail that was shown.  The only major fault I could find with this Sim was the lack of any kind of music.  Set a great soundtrack to this place and our rating would go up even more.  That said, we both strongly recommend a visit

Additional Pics:

yes...those ARE


thinks to self...."well, I cant find the bathroom...nobody will ever know...."

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