Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rez Nightclub& Mall
Rating: ✫✫✫✫

Whew! It's been a lot of fun, but finally have reached the last of our series of 4 reviews of the clubs making up Phil Kearny's Ambrosia Entertainment Group...Rez Nightclub and Mall.  Rez is Ambrosia's sister club and bares a striking similarity to its older ultra-popular club sighted amidst a mall full of great shops.

This bonehead looking the wrong way proves that even the obvious arrows to the club aren't idiot-proof (looks closer..."oh crap, is that me...)

Like Ambrosia, upon landing you find yourself surrounded by shops from some of SL's top designers and very clear and easy to follow arrows directing you to the club.  Fortunately the walk is a bit shorter

The bars on either side of the stage feature good wholesome fun....BODY SHOTS!!!
Upon reaching the club we were immediately welcomed by the friendly dancers.  Again, this is something we both admire about all 4 of the clubs in these reviews...the friendly and helpful staff.  More clubs should follow this example in my opinion.  

Little known fact...most Rez dancers are also part time Sunday school teachers :p
Rez does have a little bit smaller of a dance floor when compared to Ambrosia but with so many beautiful people there, is that such a bad thing?  The club also features the sibling of famous Ambrosia mascot Pepper...Salt, to keep the peace.

whispers...."Here we see Salt eyeing up yet another freebie wearing noob..."
No matter what part of the world you call home, you will always find Rez staffed with a live DJ 24 hours a day.  If you are a fan of dance remixes and dubstep then this is the place for you.  

"You put your left leg take your left leg out...."
As always, easy to find dance balls on either side of the stage have a TON of dance options whether alone or dancing with that special someone.  Whether you are looking for fun and silly or hot and sexy, you will find them all here.

Final Word: Rez, like all of the clubs in the Ambrosia Entertainment Group is always a ton of fun waiting to happen.  With great staff and a welcoming atmosphere, you will enjoy yourself whether a "regular" or visiting for the very first time.  Two minor things that I did notice that were a little frustrating...the dance balls are VERY close to tip jars and trying to click on them to change the dance would instead result in a message saying I don't have permission to log in to the tip jars. I shouldn't need to change my view in order to change the dance.  The other thing, similar to Ambrosia, because of the HUGE shopping complex, when the club gets packed lag can become a major issue...especially if your not running a super fast machine or blazing internet speeds.  Other than that, yet another great congratulations to Phil Kearny for creating what is almost an SL institution...impressive in a world where everything changes so fast!

Additional Pics:

A birds eye view....if flying were allowed
mmmmm....what kind of fabric softener is that baby! Body where ya going???
straight up yummy!
Rez "balls"......sorry.....just HAD to go there

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