Monday, November 26, 2012

Ambrosia Dance Club

Almost there...think Phil needs to add a tram line from the landing spot to the club

The third of out four reviews of Phil Kearny's hot spots finds us at the EXTREMELY popular Ambrosia Dance club, the first of the four clubs featured in this series to hit the land of Secondlife. Ambrosia can best be described as a non-stop party just waiting for you to join in.

OMG! Room on the dance floor.....RUNNNNNN!!!!!!!

Upon landing at Ambrosia, you find yourself at a bus stop on the far end of the Sim from the club surrounded by shops from tons of SL's best wear as far as the eye can see.  Fortunately for us, arrows in the floor point the way to the fun that awaits.

Like connect the dots...SL style, or just follow the floor-thumping bass
Once you arrive at the club (likely a few Lindens lighter...damn shops!) you are almost always greeted far before the patrons have even rezzed by one of Ambrosia's friendly dancers/hostesses.  This is something that all four of the clubs that make up the Ambrosia Entertainment Group have in common...I love this and other club owners grid-wide would do well to copy.  We have all been to the club where you feel awkward and unwelcome because your not an "insider"

Uber-friendly Ambrosia Dancer Rissa....conservatively dressed as usual :p
Ambrosia features live DJ's 24 hours a day, seven days a week spinning the hottest dance music for your listening pleasure.  We have always found the DJ's to be entertaining and more than willing to play your requests....unless it is one of the wisely banned songs on the list hovering to the left of the stage

Yes...with YOUR generous tips, this down-on-her-luck DJ will be able to afford the WHOLE dress next time
Once you find your spot on the always packed dance floor being watched over by the ever present mascot "Pepper" (so popular he has his own FB page, sadly with more friends than I have)...

"survival of the fittest" indeed, Pepper keeps the non-tipping, bling-wearing NOOB population under control
Dance balls easy to spot on either side of the stage, both solo and couples, provide an almost ridiculous number of dances to choose from.  Ranging from hot -n- sexy to classic dances that have been around forever (literally) you can set it on random and never see the same dance twice.

Despite my having "Moves Like Jagger", the stunning Gabs steals the spotlight as always
Final Thoughts:  Typically boasting 40+ on the Sim, Ambrosia Dance club is the place where something is ALWAYS happening.  Great tunes and staff make this one of the most popular destinations on the grid.  The one thing that can be an issue is the lag present in the club.  Likely a combination of the huge multitude if scripts running between both the shops and the typically large crowds.  If you have an older computer or slower internet service it can get a tad frustrating.  That being said...we would DEFINITELY recommend Ambrosia if your in need of night out!

Additional Pics:

Not saying he hears voices, but....Phil's Field of Dreams moment...."if you build it, they will come"
The Hip-Hop line dance just never seemed to quite catch on :P
Pepper looking for where did that bling-wearing noob go?
"Ever have that horrible dream where you are walking thru a crowd...and realize your missing your pants? :p
Ambrosia does have a fully stocked bar if you need a little "liquid courage" to ask that girl to dance
"I think I see the club....just a little further!  We can make it!!"
WOOHOO! Drinks on Phil!!!

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