Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Town

4th of July Town

Bird's eye view of 4th of July Town...I so wish I were a bird...

Just in time for Independence review of yet another of Laura Liberty's awesome theme sims...4th of July Town.  Whether your a tried and true red, white n blue American or just want to check out what those crazy Americans are doing in every City, town and backyard NEED to check this place out!

The key to any good look....accessorizing :p

Packed with things to do, ranging from fun to downright silly...there is something for everyone here.  Get your camera ready cuz as anyone knows that has been to one of Laura's theme sims before, there is no shortage of photo-ops here.

On our knees...eating pie..wait, is this allowed here? (checks sim rating) ;)

Upon hitting the landing zone, you find yourself in the heart of the sim, surrounded by all sorts of fun activities. Pie eating and a Slip-n-Slide on one side and an awesome Statue of Liberty with fireworks behind her on the other.  If your more competitive in nature, I highly recommend the sack races. :)

Silly? No baby, you look fine, but...I think you need to jump higher for the next box :p

Exploring outward from the square you'll find a whole host of shops filled with fun Independence Day themed items and clothing as well as a whole bunch of additional activities to enjoy...

Wait....are you serious? There WAS a movie playing? (grins) Didn't notice...

Among these activities is a really slick Drive In theater where you can snuggle up with a loved one in back of a vehicle (hands to yourself now) and take in a movie...

Hmmm...Is it just me or does George look like he has a secret?

As well as a really cool rendition of Mount Rushmore in all its glory. If all this American pride just gets too deep into your blood and you feel the need to express your pride...

No baby...your other left...your OTHER left...oh forget it, just blow that horn :p

Grab the free instruments and join the marching band on the parade route! Not only can you play the instruments but even don the free uniform and look the part if you wish.

Floating up into the heavens...lucky for me I brought my own angel with :)

Further along you will find a sample of the small town celebration, complete with fun things like Face painting, water balloons, a dunk tank and a red, white and blue hot air balloon. As you will see below in the additional pics...Ally REALLY loved the dunk tank :P

I know, I know....wrong country, but seriously....WHO CARES ;)

Now, all this activity will probably leave you a bit warm and in need of a cool be sure to visit the star shaped, incredibly patriotic pool before you go :)

Conclusion: Once again, Laura Liberty has "hit one out of the ballpark" with her latest theme sim offering of 4th of July Town.  Despite having an amazing amount of things to do here, she somehow manages not to make it seem to busy. Every proud American owes it to themselves to stop by and take in this latest masterpiece. 

Additional Pics

Fireworks...NOT the frat boy farting with a lighter trick :p

Humming "America the beautiful" is not only allowed, but encouraged :)

Baby, I have no idea how that buttery finger print got there...wierd!

This shot ONLY took about 20 minutes and 45 shots to get just right...grrrrr!

Still don't understand why you wont trust ME with the brush

You throw like a girl!!!! oh SHIIIII......(cough, sputter....)

Busts out into song...."Shine bright like a diamond!!!" My apologies to your ears ;)

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