Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rating: ✭✭✭✭-1/2

OMG!! I just saw Don Johnson pull up in a Testarossa...QUICK! Throw away your razors!

OK folks, I am very excited about this next series of reviews!  This is just the first of four posts in which we will be reviewing the four fantastic and all very different clubs owned by Phil Kearny.  This week we will review his newest, latest and greatest club... BAD!  The rest to follow shortly thereafter.  So buckle up as Gabs and I walk you through this awesome 80's club!
Sighs....I KNEW I should have worn my checkered Vans....

Upon landing in Florida, you instantly feel as if you are in South Beach during the height of the neon lit, be-checkered glory days of the 80's.  I actually looked around to see if I could catch a glimpse of Tubs and Crockett wandering the streets.  Aside from Bad itself, you will also find no shortage of great shops to get yourself all properly attired for the trip back through time.
Like....totally gnarly dude...and me without my parachute pants....

Upon entering Bad, the nostalgia for the time period just washed right over me.  First of all....LOVE the music!!!  This was the stuff I grew up with, had my first boy/girl dance to...and yes, I will admit it...used to break dance to (used to be able to do one MEAN worm :p).  Initially Gabs and I thought that the club seemed far to bright with the stark white walls, however...the design of Bad is definitely best suited for viewing in the midnight setting as you can see below.  Gives it much more of the 80's night club feel that I was expecting.

In keeping with the theme of the club, the DJ and (as always typical of Phil's clubs) hot dancers/hostesses are all decked out in 80's era outfits.  The staff was super friendly, welcoming us almost before we had even entered the club proper.  
Incredible...the squeaking of the outfit is perfectly in time with the music!

One of the things that I think I enjoyed the most about Bad, well...other than the tunes...Was all the great stuff that has been put in there.  The Rubik's cubes for tip jars...brilliant!  As is the giant one above the bar.  If you don't feel like shaking your tush...take a turn on the "Simon" game that is in the floor in the corner.
Alf...single-handed made munchin' a little kitty...socially acceptable ;)

Besides the great tunes and friendly staff, there is also a TON of great photo opportunities just waiting to happen here.  Be sure to leave your kitty at home though because Alf likes to hang at Bad!  Now, if you were around in the 80's and you claim that you never owned a Spuds Mackenzie t-shirt...you straight up lying! lol....be sure to grab a photo or two with Spuds as well.
Spuds...always up for a party, just never...EVER confuse him with Alex from Strohs

Ultimately though, Bad is a dance club...and on that score it certainly doesn't disappoint.  Easy to use dance machines stocked with all the latest and greatest dances are a constant in all of Phil's clubs.  We even came across a few dances that we had not as yet seen.  
Babe...what do you mean your down with OPP?

We even came across a few dances that we had not as yet seen.  I am still waiting for the bill from the chiropractor following this one!  Although...I would expect to find some break-dances on the machine in an 80's club...lol!
OK, next stop is the 90's club where my chiropractor is actually covered by my insurance!

The Final Word:  I think it is safe to say that we will definitely be back to Bad.  Great staff and friendly people, combined with spot-on fun decor for the 80's period it represents make for a winning combination.  The only knock on the club for me was the brightness of it, but as I mentioned...a switch to midnight solved that problem.  Bravo Phil for yet another one knocked out of the park!

Additional pics:

OMG! I solved it...somebody quick, book me on Carson before Leno takes over!!
Alf as a french maid...like a double negative, the two fetishes cancel each other out 
By the 90's, half of it's for sale...the other half under water...DAMN YOU global warming! 
Caution...outfits may cause epileptic seizures
Talk to the hand? not until at least 1995 baby :p
Safe sex in the 80's....god I HATE the 80's
C'mon Spuds...I spotted her first...I'm ALWAYS the wingman...

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