Friday, November 16, 2012

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As promised, the second in the series of 4 reviews of Phil Kearny's popular clubs....Grind Modern Romance. to best describe Grind? Got it...the love child of the Grand Ballroom at the Plaza and the Techno club at the top of the adjacent high rise...but, so works!

We have all been to the typical SL ballroom...ornate, romantic...and lets not forget hoidy toidy (are those words?), and stuffy.  Not that there is anything wrong with the romance of a ballroom, but lets face it...sometimes we want a little romance without all the pomp and circumstance. Enter....Grind Modern Romance

Whew! Only ONE arrow to follow to reach the club...walk would have killed in these heels...ummm, I mean...crap!

Upon landing at Grind, which is a mercifully short distance from the club itself, the first thing that you notice is even though the club is surrounded by an eclectic collection of shops like the other clubs, this place is different.  More like a man made island in the middle of the South Pacific 

Just waiting for the ballroom mosh pit to form...

Upon entering the club we were greeted by the, as usual, friendly staff...featuring none other than Phil himself spinning the tunes for the night.  While the decor may be somewhat similar to other ballrooms you may have been to, you will quickly see that this place is very different.  The "chill" feel of the club is immediately evident.  No strict dress code is enforced so if your feeling the tux w/ tails...go for it. If your mood is leaning more towards Jeans....all good!

Tunes so ethereal, the DJ and Concierge LITERALLY are floating on air

If your not really in a dancing kind of mood, there are plenty of places to just kick back and "chill" (hmmm...there is that word again).  Comfy couches, a grand piano...

Hookah just waiting for action, wait.....NOOOOO! the piece of furniture....Jeez!

and if your just wanting to contemplate the mysteries of the universe (or the actions of the opposite sex)...a fully functional hookah, for recreational use only of course ;)  Please note the spelling of that word...Phil runs only respectable clubs! :p

Despite two feet that are so left, they are right....even I can be Fred Astaire here

The dances on the singles and couples dance machines are as many and varied as the collection of DJ's spinning out the smooth romantic tunes.  Though for the most part the genre is most ballads and and contemporary r&b

Gabs somehow managing to pull off "Classy" while ripping it up on a wave runner

I mentioned before that this Sim is rather different than most of Phil's other clubs.  A quick walk down the escalator takes you to the water the chance to "chill" in a completely different way.  You can "swim with the fishes" or... 

MOM! It followed me home....can I keep it.....PLEEEEZ?!?!

share a more private dance on one of the two yachts docked below, free from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Final Word:  If your looking for a little romance and don't feel like throwing on the ballgown and tux...or just want a break from the stuffiness of the more classical ballroom setting, you wont be disappointed with a visit to Grind Modern Romance

Additional Pics:

DEA will NEVER catch me in this bad boy!

DaVinci ain't got nothing on THIS piano!

Glamour with a "chill" to it....bring a sweater ;)

NO! We are NOT lost....I don't need to ask for directions....THAT buoy looks familiar see's unprecedented traffic shortly after the club opens

Three words....SELF SERVE BAR...woohoo!!!

Romantic dance for lovers.....or MMA training decide

ummmm.....bad mexican food Phil?....take a moment, we'll wait...

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