Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rebel Hope- The Designer, The Store

Rebel Hope
Rating: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬  (Super Star)

 I was asked recently "Gabriella, Why do you want to showcase your competition in SL"?  To this I replied, "To me this is not competition, this is inspiration and I desire and long to be compared to the best designers in SL.  For me it is not about the linden and it is not about the "said competition",  I am here to showcase designers that I feel, deserve the recognition and compliments.  I love shopping in SL and I love to see the artistry that SL designers create on a day to day basis.  These are the people I strive to become.

I was so excited when I asked Rebel Hope if I could review her store, if she would have said no I probably would have done it anyway but its always better when you have someone's blessing.  I design here in SL and I am designer obsessed when it comes to the fashion here at Rebel Hope.  If you are looking for high quality, second to none dresses, this is where you look.  When I arrived, I wandered around the store to see everything that she had to offer.  If you love eye catching, bright colors and tight fitting dresses to show off those sexy curves... this is the place to shop!  Before I decided on what dresses to purchase, I walked around the whole store and I saw a little clearance section.  I walked into the clearance section, took a quick spin and then went along on my journey.  I know from experience what is like to start from scratch and learn each and every day on how to become a better designer and see where you came from to where you are now.  Rebel has become an amazing designer and I got to take a quick peek from where she was to where she has become.  It is amazing what you can learn about someone from not even talking to them.  It might be the designer in me, or just my long term stay in SL that makes me read into the beauty that SL has to offer.  

The first dress that I selected was the !Rebel Hope - Heidi Mesh Dress Merlot.  This dress is beyond sexy and it accentuates my curves perfectly, if I do say so myself.  I had to refrain from buying it in every color but the color that I picked was the perfect choice for me.  

The thing about the Heidi Mesh Dress is that you can dress it up for a night on the town with fancy jewelry or you can tone it down for a day at the office.  I think we all agree how this dress is a NEED and not a want!

It was a hard decision choosing my next dress.  Did I want to go formal or flirty?  Well even tho they have many awesome gowns to choose from like the one below, I went with something that I could wear every day and have fun accessorizing.

The next gown I selected was the !Rebel Hope - Kennedy Mesh Dress Pepper.  This dress is slim fitting, fancy and available in so many colors and I selected Pepper.  Why did I select Pepper?  One, I look great in black and another, I love jewelry, and I have a lot ,and I figured I could wear it with this dress.  So many options and it was hard to decide what hair to wear and what jewelry would compliment it best.  

Can you see why I adore this dress so much?  Fashionista at its best!  Rebel Hope has the best mesh dresses and gowns that I have ever seen in SL.  Rebel Hope offers wedding dresses, men tuxes, flexi dresses, jewelry and more!  Stop by and take a look at what all this hype is about because I know as long as Rebel keeps coming out with new dresses, I will be shopping at her store!

Below are some additional photos of her store and a 100L gown she is offering at this time:
 Just waiting on my date *taps foot*

 Is the 90709986 time a charm?

 Men, this is the type of tux we want to see you in, not the painted on noob look!
 Who knew Hollywood was so close by.

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